Bannière : restauration de mosaïque par Astrid Maréchaux-Maillard

Restauration Mosaïques



Since 2008, the École Française of Athene (EFA) started the study and conservation of the Fourni house in Delos. From 2009 to 2012 a convention and partnership between EFA and the Departmental Antic Museum of Arles (Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône) allowed art restorators from the Conservation-Preservation workshop to organise missions in Delos. Ex-trainees from Arles' workshops, students or young professionals were allowed to participate to these missions. This in situ conservation operation stopped the alterations and enabled the protection of all the pavements.

The mission of this internship: Clearing the intrusive vegetation, stabilisation of the mosaics on site. The pavement were well documented, cleaned and strengthened with injections. Some of the ancien conservation interventions, inesthetical and too restricting for the mosaic were removed. The gaps were filled with lime mortars.

Once these operations were accomplished, the mosaics were protected by a cover fit for the climatic restrictions and the state of the houses' pavements.

  • Délos 1

    Cleaning of the mosaics

  • Délos 2

    Lacunae with earth before cleaning

  • Délos 3

    Filling of the lacunae with a lime mortar

  • Délos 4

    Tests to find an adapted mortar to fill the gaps

  • Délos 5

    Lay-out of a destroyed zone before conservation treatment

  • Délos 6

    Archaeological site of the Fourni's house

Délos 1Délos 2Délos 3Délos 4Délos 5Délos 6

IVth - IInd century B-C

Molten glass, limestone, lead strips.

In collaboration with Alexandre Farnoux (Directeur de l’Ecole française d’Athènes), Hélène Wurmser (Responsable du Projet de la Maison de Fourni), Stéphanie Zugmeyer (Architecte chargée de l’étude architecturale de la Maison de Fourni), Aristophanis Konstantatos (Restaurateur de l’Efa), Patrick Blanc (Responsable de l’Atelier de conservation-restauration du MDAA), Marie-Laure Courboulès (Responsable d’opération pour l’Atelier), Michel Marque (Restaurateur de l’Atelier), and the trainees Marion Rapilliard (restauratrice, France), Aline Raux (restauratrice, France), Maja Frankovic (restauratrice, Serbie) and Dusan Maksimovic (restaurateur, Serbie)

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