Bannière : restauration de mosaïque par Astrid Maréchaux-Maillard

Restauration Mosaïques



The main objective of this documentation project was to study and preserve all the known pavements in Albania (initiated in 2013 by M-P. Raynaud and A. Islami), to publish a full corpus.

The in situ missions were composed of triangulated layouts, orthogonal photographies taken with a pole and punctual conservation operations, if need be.

Some of the sites' mosaics needed emergency treatment or particular care due to the saline efflorescence or the presence of water on the pavements.

From the hellenestic period to the sixth century A-D.

Glass, stone and marbles tesserae.

In collaboration with Agron Islami (chief conservator at IMK, Albania), Klejdi Zguro (conservator, Albania), Elisabetta Neri (expert in mural mosaic with a archéometrical knowledge, Italy), Mishko Tutkovski (conservator, FYROM)

  • Baptistry

    Baptistery of the archaeological site of Butrint

  • Lacunae

    Filling of a big lacunae

  • Old restoration

    Removal of an ancient mortar of conservation

  • Cleaning and consolidation

    Cleaning of a wall mosaic

  • Filling

    Filling of the main lacunae of the mosaic

  • De-restoration

    Mechanical removal of ancient mortars of conservation

  • Butrint 7

    Clean lacunae before its treatment

  • Butrint 9

    Chantier de Butrint (9)

  • Butrint 10

    Chantier de Butrint (10)

  • Butrint 11

    Chantier de Butrint (11)

  • Butrint 12

    Chantier de Butrint (12)

  • Butrint 1

    Chantier de Butrint (1)

BaptistryLacunaeOld restorationCleaning and consolidationFillingDe-restorationButrint 7Butrint 9Butrint 10Butrint 11Butrint 12Butrint 1